Who We Are

Our Customers

Novel Approach has been set up to provide editorial services, including copy editing, proofreading and manuscript typing. Our target audience includes authors of novels, technical authors, non-fiction authors, and students.

Our People

Firstly, we are not authors! The last thing you need is for someone to try and impose their own personal writing style on your novel or essay, and that’s what tends to happen when one author reviews the work of another – “I wouldn’t have written it that way…”. The important thing is that this is YOUR work, be it fiction or otherwise, and we want it to emerge from the editing “mill” still having your personal stamp on it! We are, however, avid and enthusiastic readers of almost anything in the English language, and we know what makes a story or essay stand out and scream “read me!”. You can be certain of friendly, personal attention when you use our services, we won’t farm the work out to an anonymous subcontractor – it will all be done “in house”.

Our Standards

We will always use our best endeavours to provide you with what you want, and will always go that “extra mile” to ensure that you come back to us with your next piece of work, and recommend us to your friends and colleagues. We will respect your¬†confidentiality¬†and copyright, and will never pass on or publish any of your work without your express permission.