What We Do

We offer the following editorial services to our customers:

Copy Editing:  This is defined as the process of correcting errors in an early draft of a text and making it conform to a consistent editorial style (your style, not ours!), which includes correction of errors in spelling, capitalization, use of tense, and punctuation. The main aims of copy editing are to remove any obstacles between the reader and what the author wants to convey and to find and solve any problems before the copy goes to the typesetter, so that production can go ahead without interruption or unnecessary expense. 

Proofreading:  This is a simpler process than copy editing, and is defined as the process of reviewing the final draft of a text to ensure that all surface errors have been corrected. Although proofreading may be dull, it is crucial. Errors strewn throughout a text are distracting and annoying. If the writer doesn’t care about this piece of writing, thinks the reader, why should I? A carefully proofread text, however, sends a positive message – it shows that you value your writing and respect your readers. Please note that even if you have previously had your text copy edited, you may wish to consider proofreading if any substantial redrafting has taken place in the meantime.

Manuscript Typing: We appreciate that not all authors wish to use electronic media initially. There’s a lot to be said for the traditional ways of doing things! Therefore, we can offer a manuscript typing service, which will take your handwritten (or manually typed) text and reproduce it in electronic form (usually Microsoft Word, although we can produce the output in certain other formats if that is what you require). Please note that this service does not include copy editing or proofreading of the manuscript; these are chargeable separately.