Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a copy-editor?

If you are an author, you may have been crafting your work for a long time. You know it better than anyone. The idea of some stranger altering so much as a comma may seem almost sacreligious!

 However, your very closeness to and familiarity with your work may be blinding you to its flaws. You hold the whole text in your mind, and you have developed its ideas in sequence right to its conclusion. You can’t now put yourself in the reader’s place by somehow ‘unknowing’ any of this. A copy-editor, though, will bring fresh eyes to your text, helping you to reveal your concepts in a logical order.

 You may also be less than confident in spelling and in your use of grammar (and it’s unwise to rely on spelling and grammar checkers). Perhaps you know what you want to say but find it hard to put it into words. A copy-editor will be sufficiently detached from the writing process to spot mistakes and inconsistencies that distract the reader.

 Above all, he or she can add a professional finish to your work that will make it a cut above the rest – and help to get it noticed by a publisher!

Q How do I place an order?

Please contact us in the first instance by email or phone. We will only accept work if we can carry it out in a timescale that’s acceptable to both us and you, so please don’t send in your copy unannounced! We would much rather agree timescales, costs, and payment details with you upfront, before you submit your work.

Q How do I submit a document for editing?

Please make all submissions in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) or Rich Text (.rtf) format as an email attachment. It would greatly assist us if you incorporated your name into the filename.

Q What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept direct credit transfer to our bank account, or by VIsa/Mastercard via PayPal. If you choose to use PayPal, then a surcharge of 4% of the total cost will be added to cover the fees we are charged for this service. I’m sorry, but we don’t accept cheques.

Q Why should I choose Novel Approach?

Please compare us with others offering similar services.  We aim to offer a first class and personal service at competitive rates. We do not farm out work to anonymous subcontractors; your precious copy will be dealt with by one of our high quality, skilled and enthusiastic core staff.

Q What services do you offer?

Please see our “What We Do” page for details of the services we offer.

Q How much does it cost, and do you charge more for urgent jobs?

Please see our “Prices” page for our standard rates. If you have an urgent job that simply must be done in the next few days, we may have to charge a premium to cover long and unsocial hours. Please speak to us if this is the case.

Q Do you offer discounts?

From time to time you may see special offers advertised on our home page, but we hope you will find our standard rates highly competitive. We offer 10% discount for students upon proof of status.

Q What if I am not satisfied?

We aim to provide 100% satisfaction – if you’re not happy, we will do all we can to solve the problem .

Q Do you accept work from outside the UK?

Yes, as long as the work is submitted in the English language. Payment (in pounds Sterling) can be made from most countries.

Q I have a question that isn’t listed above – can you help?

If you contact us, we will try to answer any questions you may have. Comments and suggestions are also welcome!